Books on Hats and Scarves


by Colin McDowell
Paperback -224 pages New Edition (14 April, 1997) Thames and Hudson; ISBN: 0500279446

This survey on hats explores and illustrated every aspect of the subject. It catalogues the myriad styles from royal crowns to Rasta caps and includes chapters on the etiquette of hats and the development of protective headgear. It recounts the achievements both of the great milliners of old, such as Caroline Reboux, Paulette, Lilly Dache, Schiaparelli and Borsalino and todays designers including Philip Treacy, Phillipe Model and Olivier Chanan. The text argues that, whilst they can be both glamorous and stylish, hats are also rich with significance for the societies which create them.

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The Century of Hats
by Susie Hopkins
Hardcover - 160 pages (16 November 1999) Aurum Press; ISBN: 1854106627

This spectacularly illustrated book is both a history and celebration of the headgear of the past 100 years. It covers both sexes and includes not only the work of the great designers - from Jean Patou and Coco Channel in the 1920 to Philip Treacy and Patricia Underwood today; but also the mass produced hats which were worn daily by ordinary men and women. The changing social function and status of the hat is examined, from the bonnets and top hats of the Edwardian era, through turbans and cloches of the jazz age and the utilitarian wartime years, right up to the l990's when no teenager could face life without a baseball cap. Illustrated in colour.

Victoria: The Romance of Hats
by Victoria Magazine
Hardcover- 95 pages (March l994) Hearst Corporation; ISBN: 0688126367

The Romance of Hats is a beatifully illustrated book extolling hats, their makers and those who wear them.

Shoes, Hats and Fashion Accessories
by Carol B Grafton,
Paperback - 123 pages (24 September 1999) Dover Publication;ISBN: 0486401030

Stetson Hats and The Company
by Jeffrey B Snyder
Hardcover - 192 pages (August l997) Schiffer Publishing; ISBN: 0764302116

Vintage Hats and Bonnets 1770-1970
by Sue Langley
Hardcover (January l998) Collector Books, US; ISBN: 1574320289

This book is full of most beautiful hats, showing different fashions through the years 1770 - 1970. Not only does this book show you the designs, pictures and paintings, but gives a little history of what goes on around the world and who influenced these designs. Brilliant book for people studying art/fashion/textiles or anyone interested in hats.


Sensational Scarfs: 44 Great Ways to Turn a Scarf into a Fabulous Fashion Look
by Carol Straley
Paperback - 62 pages (Re-issue November l996) Crown Publishing Group (NY);
ISBN: 0517886162

This book is easy to follow and allows the reader to get astounding results simply by using scarves as an accessory. It is a book which does not cost much and yet is worth the investment.


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How to Tie Scarves
by Edie Webber
Hardcover - 48 pages (1 September 1999) Sterling; ISBN: 0806995793


Hats in Minature
by Lyn Waring
Paperback - 128 pages (April l999) Sterling Publishing; ISBN: 0806942657

A collection of designs for miniature hats suitable for dolls and bears or as room ornaments . The l8 different hat styles include top hats, and flower -lined boaters, berets and cloches, baseball, jockey, golf, military or hunting caps and chef hats.
Only basic sewing skills are required and there are patterns and step by step instructions.

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Simple and Stylish Patterns for Dolls Hats and Shoes: For 18", 14", and 8" dolls
by Maria Freeman
Paperback - 96 pages (January 2001) Portfolio Press (NY); ISBN: 0942620429

Balloon Hats and Accessories
by Aaron Hsu-Flanders
Paperback - 144 pages (1 January 1997) Contemporary Books Inc;ISBN 0809243830

Contains everything needed including baloons and a pump, to make more than 20 creative balloon hats. Including the Moon Hat, The Jester, The Explorer, The Fashion Model, The Helmet, The Halo, The Flapper, and the Bunny.

Cats in Hats Notecards
by Deborah Schenck,
Unknown binding Notecards (July l999) Chronicle Books; ISBN 0811823326

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